Agile visuals


  • Visual stimulations have an impact ...
  • A picture is worth a thousand words ...
  • Messages are deeply embedded ...

Agile Visuals are your instant scalable solution for more agility.

Agile Visuals are powerful illustrations reflecting the concepts of Change, Agility and Business Transformation. They encourage us, re-motivate us day in and day out, keep us on course and have a deep impact through color and visualization. 

We have been successfully using Agile Visuals with our clients for change projects and strategic initiatives. In this context, the idea came up to make this methodology also available to other clients.

Your Benefit: You save the investment in art directors, photo shootings, copywriters and change experts. Of course, we also develop solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Visualizations and messages in the Agile Visuals have been carefully selected to fit ideally in the setting of your entire organization: whether offices, halls, conference rooms, social rooms or canteen.


One new impulse every month!

Agile Visuals are available on subscription basis as high-quality posters in A1 format. You can order them as poster only or framed. Every month, you will receive one new Agile Visual which helps you support a powerful and motivating office atmosphere in your company.

Create a unique inspiring spot or position several posters at strategic places at your company's premises. The Agile Visuals are also available at staggered prices depending on order quantity. The Agile Visuals are also available in digital format. 

Provide agile inspiration in our company and ask for a non-binding offer today. ​​​​​​