Live with Intent – Learning Pathway

The LWI Learning Pathway is an “ecosystem for your effectiveness”. It will support you step-by-step towards mastering effectiveness. And with that we do not mean quick-fix and half-hearted solutions. We are talking about true and lasting principle-based effectiveness on four levels: in your personal life, with your team, as a leader and within your organization.

Effectiveness does not come to us naturally. We are not born with it. Many leaders find it difficult to explain the concept of effectiveness. However, effectiveness is absolutely essential in order to succeed in today’s marketplace. The path to our personal and professional horizon is not linear. We are challenged throughout life, if we really want to get to our horizon and if we are serious about our intent. Reaching effectiveness on the way to our horizon is a real expedition. 

Do you want a quantum leap breakthrough in your effectiveness? The LWI Learning Pathway is an integrated learning and coaching process for more personal productivity, joy and a higher level of human performance. 

The concept of the LWI Learning Pathway is based on the Reichart Method, a Research and Development Study carried out by Thomas Reichart from 2010‑2018.

Learning is a process, not an event.

Based on 20 years of experience working with global clients and eight years of field-based research, we have developed a blended learning approach to match your personal learning style, speed and needs. You will be guided and prompted to apply proven success principles in a systematic and clear manner: step by step, at your own pace and in your own way. The underlying method is holistic and proven. You will receive all necessary instructions on how to transfer these principles into practice.