Lead Your Life NOW – Workplace Literature

The promotion of vocational and personal continuing education is a central element of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy of the German federal government, being implemented in the framework of the sustainability strategy of the Federal Republic of Germany.  

To provide all employees with excellent workplace literature is completely in the spirit of the Guidance on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR/DIN 26000) which states the following: “...more comprehensive care of people... as regards education."

Lead Your Life Now has proven itself as a sustainable workplace literature, especially due to the basics of agility described in it. 

“How can you create and lead your life so that it is meaningful and in complete alignment with yourself and your values?” Or in other words: “How can you fully update your social competency from inside out? And how can you make sure that issues important to you change for the better?”

»Lead Your Life Now« is the answer to these key questions that have fascinated and preoccupied Thomas Reichart for more than 25 years.

This book provides you with the tools required to be prepared for chances, opportunities, challenges, crises and difficulties – in your professional and private life. Thus, it should be standard literature for you and your employees.

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